Spartacus, as you might guess by the name of the title, is based on the legendary Gladiator of Rome. The ancient Roman theme of the game adds a more classic feel to it, while modern features such as free spins and cascading reels attract a new generation of casino players.

Spartacus is among the fan-favorite slots which is available at Game Vault Casino. The game has 5 reels and four rows. The most impressive feature of the Spartacus is the availability of 100 pay lines.

If you are lucky, you might as well earn up to 20 free spins while playing this game. With an RTP rate of 95.94%, it is no wonder why so many players are picking Spartacus and winning large sums. Enter the Game Vault casino if you want to play high-quality and profitable slot machines like Spartacus and enjoy a seamless gaming experience immediately!